Psilocybin Potency, The Missing Link For Magic Mushroom Safety

Oakland’s Psychedelic Mushroom Church Announces Groundbreaking Information for Safe Use of Psilocybin Mushrooms


Oakland, Calif., July 31, 2023 — The Church of Ambrosia, the largest psychedelic Church in the world with over 90,000 members, has announced important new safety information surrounding the use of psilocybin mushrooms by those seeking expanded consciousness in their spiritual quests.

“The power of such experiences is transformative,” says Dave Hodges, who founded the Church of Ambrosia in 2019. “It is critical that we make these journeys as safe as possible.”

To that end, the Church has released standard dosing guidelines and an advanced psilocybin dosage calculator. Developed in partnership with Oakland-based Hyphae Labs, the new dosing guidelines are aimed at advancing the safety and precision of psilocybin dosages for those who grow, provide, or use psychedelic mushrooms. “Enabling people to use these powerful tools safely and responsibly while preventing overdose is our Number One goal. There are many people interested in mushrooms for reasons from fun to healing to our focus, spirituality, and we want them all to use psilocybin safely.” adds Hodges.

While labels show the THC content in cannabis edibles, no such standards exist for psilocybin mushrooms. In fact, the Church’s research collaboration with Hyphae Labs shows a huge disparity in potency among mushroom strains themselves, a 1 to 40 ratio. This means some mushrooms are 40 times stronger than others, a disparity reflected in psilocybin-containing chocolates, gummies, capsules, etc., available to consumers. “Given these results,” according to Hodges, “it’s clear that no one knows what someone will experience on a ‘gram’ of mushrooms.”

As a result of its research, the Church has recommended standards for the levels of psilocybin dosage for a range of experiences and developed a dosage calculator to account for body weight and tolerance. Whether a person seeks the mental health benefits of an imperceptible microdose or a breakthrough dose’s profoundly intense spiritual awakening, these new safety guidelines will provide a reliable map. A standard dose range for the microgram content of psilocybin for all mushroom edibles is also now available.

As psychedelics enter the mainstream (or at least a significant tributary) through decriminalization and increased knowledge and understanding, potency standards will become ever more critical. “As a non-denominational interfaith religion that holds all entheogens as sacred tools, we expect these new standards to enhance one’s religious experience and, most importantly, prevent an overdose that can ruin that spiritual journey,” says Hodges.

Visit for more information on how these guidelines were developed and specific dosing levels.

Enabling people to use these powerful tools safely and responsibly while at the same time preventing overdose, this is our number one goal. There are a lot of people that use mushrooms for fun, healing, or for reasons related to our focus which is religion and spirituality. We want everyone who uses psilocybin to do so safely”


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