Dosage Definitions:


The microdose is a sub-perceptual dose that when done properly does not induce any noticeable physiological or perceptual alterations. Microdoses are a wonderful way to gently enhance one’s state of being. Mircodose Guide


The perceivable dose is the gateway of experience to the realms of more intense work with psilocybin. Perceivable doses cause visual and perceptual enhancements, they are a wonderful accompaniment to spiritual, meditative, artistic, and communal religious activities. Perceivable doses enhance feelings of connectedness with others and also with nature. Common Dose Safety Guide


The intense dose elicits changes in visual, physical, emotional, and sensory perceptions. Colors may appear more vivid, sounds may elicit the sense of touch, repressed emotions may surface, and the experiencer may feel fluctuating bliss and or anxiety. The intense dose is a wonderful accompaniment to yogic and meditative practices as well as artistic and spiritual activities. It is necessary to experience intense doses comfortably before considering a higher dose. Common Dose Safety Guide


The profound introspective dose induces intense visual, tactile, auditory, and extrasensory experiences. At this dosage, deep self inquiry is common and sometimes uncomfortable. Profound introspective doses can sometimes be compared to inspecting one’s psyche, emotions, and memories with a fine-toothed comb. Profound insight into the nature of this reality and an individual’s place within it are common. Though the experiencer remains aware of their body and their surroundings at this dose, their perceptions are enhanced to a vivid degree. Common Dose Safety Guide


The breakthrough dose, also known as a “High Dose” or “Heroic Dose”,  is a profoundly intense spiritual experience, which may include leaving one’s body and interacting with entities, your soul or even God. Breakthrough doses are most helpful when the experiencer is prepared to completely surrender to the experience. Meditating on your intention for doing the breakthrough dose is important in the days preceding as well as during your experience. During a breakthrough experience, an individual may lose complete awareness of their body and their surroundings. Breakthrough doses induce a number of profound visual, tactile, auditory, and extrasensory experiences. Fasting for 24 hours prior to a breakthrough dose is recommended. Breakthrough experiences may include physiological symptoms such as tingling, chills, ear ringing, and nausea. High Dose Safety Guide

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