What are Magic Mushrooms? They are mushrooms containing Psilocybin. Psilocybin is a naturally accruing psychedelic that has been used throughout history for religious rites and ceremonies. Here at the Church of Ambrosia, we believe the Magic Mushroom was what sparked the evolution of both human communication and religion itself. If you wish to experience the knowledge of the sacred mushroom, please read our guide before you do.

The Theory of Religious Evolution (the new “Stoned Ape Theory”)

This story begins a very long time ago when we were all omnivorous monkeys roaming the plains of Africa. One thing a hunter uses to find pray is their droppings. What grows out of their droppings in Africa happens to be Magic Mushrooms. There’s no way to prove it, but the likely hood that these monkeys came across the mushrooms, not once or twice but hundreds of thousands of times, is also impossible to disprove. Now, if you are a hungry monkey and you find these tasty looking mushrooms, what would you do? Probably try one. When you eat a small amount of Magic Mushrooms, you notice a few things, mainly enhanced vision and hearing. You now see every leaf that moves, every plant you might want to eat, and hear every sound an animal could make. This would be a significant advantage to any hunter. When you eat a bunch of these mushrooms, you see some amazing things. As a monkey who has just seen god, you would be compelled to try to explain what you saw to another monkey.

Simply put, the “Religious Evolution” theory says that Magic Mushrooms were the reason for the evolution of both human communication and the concept of religion itself. Monkeys trying to explain god to each other.

From a scientific perspective, Magic Mushrooms also help build new neural pathways in the brain. It could be said that Psilocybin actually makes you smarter.

Religious Evolution Theory vs Stoned Ape Theory

The pioneer of this theory was Terence Mckenna. Although we have an amazing amount of respect for him, there are a few points where we disagree.

  1. The term “Stoned ape” does not do justice to the beauty of this theory. This theory is really more about the evolution of religion itself than apes getting high. The Church of  Ambrosia is a church for people who believe in evolution.
  2. Terence Mckenna promoted a 5-gram “heroic dose”. How would an ape weigh out 5 dry grams? and do them in silent darkness? We feel it’s more likely that the apes ate a lot more than 5 grams and saw god standing next to them in the grass.
  3. Implying that “sex” and reproduction factored into the theory. Although it may have played some part, we don’t feel “sex” needs to be part of it for the Religious Evolution Theory to be valid.