This guide applies to perceivable, intense, and profound doses. 

There are two ways to calculate dosage for common doses.

The traditional dry weight method of calculating common doses (dosing by weight of dry grams of mushrooms) and the new dosage standard method (utilizing our dosing calculator to calculate the exact milligram potency of psilocybin in your dose). You must have lab tested mushrooms that are listed on our dosing calculator in order to properly calculate dosage using the new standard method.

According to the traditional method of dosing, common doses begin at as little as 0.5g dried mushrooms and go up to 5g of dried mushrooms. The new standard for common doses is calculated in micrograms of pure psilocybin not dry weight. Common doses begin at 1,000 mcg and go up to 15,000 mcg (for a person weighing 100 lbs, a 200 lb person would need to double the dose).

After reading all safety and dosing definitions refer to dosing calculator to determine your dose of lab tested mushrooms. If you do not have lab testing for the mushrooms you plan to consume, start small and refer to traditional dosage standards. If you have never experimented with increasing doses of psilocybin, please increase your doses slowly and in small amounts. Please refer to potency and new dosage standards for more information.

Depending on the contents of your stomach, and the way you ingest your dose, you may begin to feel the effects in as little as 30 min, and as long as an hour. The experience itself can last from 4-6 hours.

Know why you are doing mushrooms. Meditate on an intention that will bring meaning and improvement to some form of your life or faith. Write down your intention and maintain your focus on it in the days preceding and also during your experience.

Set & Setting
Setting: the physical environment where you undergo your experience, whether it’s in your bedroom, in a ceremony with a shaman, or at a music festival. Setting includes music, light, pillows, candles, or any person or thing that is physically in your space with you as you embark on your journey.

Set: has two parts, your personality and mental state going into the experience. First: the kind of person you are, your fears, desires, conflicts, guilts, secret passions; and Second: the attitude you have going into the experience and your intentions for the experience and your overall mindset.

Tea, Smoothie, Chew, or Swallow.

The recommended method of consuming mushrooms is making tea. In order to do so, weigh your mushrooms first. Crush them in a bag or grind. Steep in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Strain out mushroom bodies, add honey, ginger and/or your favorite tea bag for taste.

Dosage Chart*

*Dosage will vary based on body weight, potency of mushrooms

If you plan to do a high dose/HEROIC read the High Dose Guide

How to have a good experience
Start small and increase dosing slowly over time. Once you consume a dose, you can not reduce or lessen its effects for the duration of the experience. “Once you get on this rollercoaster there is no getting off until it’s over”. 

Something with no lyrics, relaxing, calm, “meditation music.” DO NOT LOOP OR REPEAT MUSIC.

Do not have anything to do for 10 to 24 hours. DO NOT DRIVE. DO NOT WORK. NO STRESSFUL SITUATIONS.

Set: Positive mindset, do not be stressed or worried

Setting: Safe spot, home, or in nature with someone sober who knows how to take care of you.

Surrender: Don’t resist the experience you are having on mushrooms. “Go with the flow.”

Eat your favorite food. Do not go to bed hungry!


  • Maintain a positive mindset/meditation
  • Know and accept the effects
  • Don’t take too much
  • Don’t be stressed
  • Stay hydrated
  • Be in a comfortable space
  • Have a sober and caring guide
  • Play relaxing music
  • Do fun things


  • Talk about your stress, do not repress it!
  • Focus on something else
  • Go to a comfortable space
  • Play calming music
  • Eat something if woozy or lightheaded
  • Remember the trip can change, and will later end
  • If necessary take a heavy indica (relaxing) that can be helpful to reduce anxiety