Religious Evolution Doctrine (the new "Stoned Ape Theory")

Our story begins approximately 2.5 million years ago, during a time of drastic climate change. Driven out of their forest homes by widespread fires, our ancient hominin ancestors sought refuge in the unfamiliar terrains of the grasslands. The survivors of this massive displacement united in their struggle for survival, setting up camp and embarking on the urgent search for food.

Having spent their entire lives amid the branches of trees, the vast expanse of the grasslands was alien to them. Nonetheless, they were guided by two key survival instincts – they could eat insects, and whatever insects were eating was also likely safe for consumption. It was while following a trail of insects that these ancient apes first encountered mushrooms.

Uncertain of the edibility of these peculiar growths, one courageous ape took the first step, consuming the mushrooms while the rest watched with bated breath. Magic mushrooms, especially when fresh, are quite appealing in taste, and our hungry ancestral ape readily filled its belly with them. This first encounter marked a crucial turning point in our journey toward becoming human and catalyzed the birth of the earliest form of religion.

The experience this brave ape underwent was profoundly transformative. Consuming a high dose of these magic mushrooms opened a door to another dimension. This allowed the ape to interact with what could be described as ethereal entities or spiritual guides. This profound interaction seemed like a deep dialogue that extended beyond ordinary perception. The first and most crucial gift from this dialogue was the concept of language. Regardless of the absence of structured language as we know it, this ape began to perceive and express complex ideas. This apes new goal was to spread this information and introduce others to the mushrooms.

The Doctrine of Religious Evolution proposes that Magic Mushrooms catalyzed both the evolution of human communication and the emergence of religion itself. Our ancestral apes, having experienced these otherworldly entities, endeavored to convey their experiences, trying to explain concepts as profound as spirits and God to each other.

Magic Mushrooms have myriad applications across numerous levels. With doses ranging from as little as 0.1 gram to cosmic levels of 50+ grams, mushrooms have the potential to facilitate a deep connection with our true selves and what exists beyond our ordinary realm.

From a scientific standpoint, Magic Mushrooms are also thought to promote the formation of new neural pathways in the brain. Various studies suggest that Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in these mushrooms, might enhance neural plasticity, potentially boosting cognitive capacities. In a way, one could argue that Psilocybin actually makes you smarter.

Thus, we see a confluence of science and spirituality in the story of our evolution, suggesting a symbiotic relationship between the two that has been instrumental in shaping the course of human history.

How does Cannabis fit in?

The religious use of cannabis has to do with the use of ones inner eye. A complaint from a person who does not like cannabis explains it best, “every time I smoke, it’s as if there’s a giant inner eye that turns on me and shows me everything that is wrong with my life.” That may be the best way to understand the advanced entheogenic use of cannabis. Once someone learns to focus their inner eye, cannabis allows them to use it to understand life, the world and the teachings from the spirits that communicate through mushrooms and other entheogens.

Religious Evolution Theory vs Stoned Ape Theory

The pioneer of this theory was Terence Mckenna. Although we have an amazing amount of respect for him, there are a few points where we disagree.

  1. The term “Stoned ape” does not do justice to the beauty of this theory. This theory is really more about the evolution of religion itself than apes getting high. The Church of  Ambrosia is a Church for people who believe in evolution.
  2. Terence Mckenna promoted a 5-gram “heroic dose”. How would an ape weigh out 5 dry grams? and do them in silent darkness? We feel it’s more likely that the apes ate a lot more than 5 grams and saw god standing next to them in the grass.
  3. Implying that “sex” and reproduction factored into the theory. Although it may have played some part, we don’t feel “sex” needs to be part of it for the Religious Evolution Theory to be valid.