The term traditional dosage refers to the process of calculating a dosage by referencing the total weight of dried mushrooms in a dose. Caution must be taken when dosing using the traditional method, mushrooms can vary in potency by a startling degree. In the absence of laboratory analysis, the potency of psilocybin in dried fungi is impossible to predict. It is best to start small anytime you are dosing with a batch of mushrooms that you have not previously consumed. According to the traditional method of dosing, Microdoses range from 0.05g to 0.33g dried mushrooms in a single dose, common doses begin at as little as 0.5g dried mushrooms and go up to 5g of dried mushrooms in a single dose, high doses begin at 5g dried mushrooms and go up to 20g+ of dried mushrooms in a single dose. 

As part of its efforts to understand potency and prevent accidental overdosing, The Church of Ambrosia has been testing dried mushrooms for potency on an ongoing basis. The resulting data revealed vast variability in the potency of pure psilocybin in dried mushroom strains, over a 1 to 40 ratio. Sample potencies ranged from a low of 600 mcg per gram, to a high of 24,600 mcg of pure psilocybin per gram of mushrooms. This variability could mean the difference between a perfect dose and an unintentional overdose.